Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MOOCs, Prior Learning and Portfolios

Interesting article with thoughts on combining MOOC-learning and prior learning in an ePortfolio. Shouldn't everyone have an ePortfolio for course-related evidence of learning, professional development, on-the-job highlights, and so forth? (No, I haven’t created one for myself, yet!)

From Campus Technology:

The Taming of the MOOC--With ePortfolio Evidence

The IT revolution that was supposed to transform higher education has failed to materialize, at least in the way we had imagined it. The revolution did occur, but not directly within higher education--instead, it changed the overall nature of work in our culture. And now, higher education seems to be behind the curve, struggling to catch up.

Enter the MOOC--a relatively new buzzword meaning Massive Open Online Course. And it holds hope for many as a way for higher education to "catch up." Indeed, MOOCs could be one way to get ahead of the curve again, or, they could become a yet another material threat to higher education.

Here's how to turn this "threat" into something much more positive.

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