Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fabulous Compilation of SoTL Journals and Conference

Originally posted to the POD Network listserv (always a great source of information), and reprinted with permission from Tom Pusateri:

Dear colleagues,

I have recently updated the lists of SoTL journals and upcoming teaching conferences that are available from Kennesaw State University's CETL Web site.  See below for links to those resources.

PLEASE NOTE:  CETL is in the process of updating its entire Web presence, and we hope to have the new site operational in March 2013.  At that time, the journals and conferences sites will be searchable by key terms, topics, dates, etc.  Until that update occurs, we are providing the lists of SoTL journals and teaching conferences in PDF formats rather than in the HTML format we had used previously.  We will notify you when the sites have been updated and include redirects from the current sites to the new sites.

 Here are the current sites with updated information,  Please feel free to share these resources with your colleagues.  If you have any suggestions for additions or updates to the site, please email me at

 SoTL Journals


Teaching Conferences


Thomas P. Pusateri, Ph.D.

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