Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Teaching and Technology Summit

Last Thursday and Friday (Nov. 29-30), a group comprising faculty, faculty development coordinators, eLearning directors, and information technology leads met up to discuss strategies for leading transitions in higher education.

Here is a summary provided by one summit participant:

My Take Always from the Summit

 Facilitating Change Models


William Bridges focuses on transitions and the psychological changes that lie behind behind significant organisational change.
He maintains that the situational changes are not as difficult for companies to make as the psychological transitions of the people impacted by the change. Read more...

Dr. John Kotter 8-Step Process for Leading Change *Having a Simple and Clear Vision for the Change is Key *Email is not enough, communication needs to be done at multiple levels *Walk the Talk *Short term wins keeps everyone energized and focused on the goal *Never let up and change up the theme or change agents for a fresh look

 MOOC Discussion

Daphne Koller: What we're learning from online education.

SBCTC new faculty course in canvas, we should get on board with this.  (Note: New Faculty Learning Community) . . .
Student online advocates (Note: Navigators)- this is an idea that some colleges are trying where courses have a student advisor set as an observer role in Canvas and their job is to monitor student progress and help students getting through the first 3 weeks; how to log in, best practices for using convesations, discussions, and communicating with their instructors.  Might be something we can talk to advising about.

Using Kotter 8 step process for leading change and starting a CHANGE culture in IR.  The steps are there for directors and implementation leads on how to plan for the change.   Using email, face to face, and  multimedia to get the word out prior to change and getting the buy-in from the team.  We really could have used this in the Canvas rollout as well.  Looking back there was not a clear vision that we communicated to the campus on the move to campus.  This probably need to come from Instruction on figuring out a positive vision that faculty can support. . .  Better vision statement:  Canvas empowers our students for success

 There was also a discussion on MOOCs in the system and how that would benefit not just the University systems but the mid level colleges.

 We need a better online orientation for Canvas students.  Work with DE on improving the experience, not sure if the face to face model works.  Maybe better to offer an online course and also use to introduce Tech Cafe and have someone available at Tech Cafe for the face to face support.


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