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eLearning Fall 2012 Updates
SBCTC eLearning Projects

The two-year SBCTC Canvas implementation began on July 1, 2012. 
·         30 CTCs will have a Canvas environment by December 13, 2012. Canvas migration is under discussion at the remaining colleges.
·         The University of Washington and Eastern Washington University purchased Canvas off the SBCTC contract and are implementing for their students.  Western Washington University and WSU Spokane purchased pilot contracts, and the other four-year institutions are discussing moving to Canvas as their current contracts expire. 
·         23 colleges and universities participated in developing a shared faculty training course which is currently offered at many CTCs and through SBCTC.  Canvas has decided to adopt as their official faculty training course
·         SBCTC staff are integrating Canvas with SMS, Tegrity, Collaborate, and eTutoring
·         SBCTC staff are developing programming so colleges can use SMS integration to share enrollments in Canvas
·         Faculty at Cascadia, Peninsula, and Seattle Central are using Canvas to offer MOOCs starting in January

 To check out Canvas:
Canvas MOOCs:

 Open Course Library:
With funding from the Gates Foundation and from the Washington Legislature, the Washington community and technical colleges are finding or developing course materials for the 82 most common courses with that goal that students pay $30 or less for course materials. The first 42 courses were released October 31, 2011, and have already saved students more than $1.2 million.  The second 40 courses will be released in March 2013.
For more information, see:

SBCTC eLearning Services
Tegrity:  The SBCTC contract with Tegrity ends June 30, 2013.  Do we renew or do an RFP?
Blackboard Collaborate (formerly known as Elluminate): Current contract ends June 30, 2014.

Blackboard Student Services (24x7 Tier 1 tech support formerly known as Presidium): Contract ends June 30, 2014.  Active discussion on whether colleges continue to need 24x7 Tier 2 tech support.  Canvas users report very few problems that can be solved by outside Tier 1 support.
Western eTutoring Consortium:  Now managed by SBCTC. 
·         Offers 17 subjects to all students at 43 institutions in 6 western states
o   Ten four-year institutions, 27 Washington CTCs, 6 CTCs in Oregon and Utah
·         In 2011-12, our tutors responded to
o   2,380 eQuestions
o   10,183 writing submissions
o   5,877 online chats

 For information on other projects, including pooled enrollments and WAOL ANGEL:
Current Policy Issues
State Authorization:  States can require colleges to be authorized to serve at a distance those students who live in the other state.  Regulations vary by state.

OPEN grant with Creative Commons:  SBCTC is a partner in this grant to provide support to TAACCCT grantees that are developing open content.
2013-15 Legislative Request:  SBCTC is requesting $6 million to help colleges increase use of open resources by hiring instructional staff to help faculty find and use open resources, by supporting a common library platform that is integrated into Canvas, and by working with faculty groups to use Open Course Library and other materials to develop open textbooks.
Definition of Core Technology:  How do we define “core” technology?  WACTC Technology has asked a work group from IC, WSSSC, ITC and BAC to come up with a definition. 

Are the learning management system and the integrated library platform core technologies?
Contact:  Connie Broughton

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