Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Recent U.W. Study Finds Lecture-Capture Use Contributes to Learning

Use of Tegrity: UW Lecture Capture Tool Report
A large majority of UW students feel that reviewing Tegrity lecture capture recordings contributes to their learning, according to the findings in UW-IT’s just released report. An assessment, undertaken in Winter and Spring Quarters, aimed to learn how Tegrity was being used in courses on all three campuses, identify best practices, uncover any unmet support needs or obstacles, and find out how instructors and students would like to use Tegrity in the future. Read more.


Sue Frantz said...

The headline is a little misleading. Students feel that watching the Tegrity recordings contributes to their learning. We don't know if actually does.

Anonymous said...

Good point, Sue. Can you link us to more definitive research in this area?