Monday, January 9, 2012

What's On the Radar for Campus Technology in 2012?

Take a look at this article in Campus Technology:

Here’s the list of 5 Higher Ed Tech Trends for 2012 Campus Technology folks:
1. E-Textbooks
2. Open Resources (+1 for nice mention of our own WA State Open Course Library here)
3. The Online Classroom
4. Mobile Devices
5. Campuses Move to the Cloud

Are your IT folks, eLearning folks and faculty discussing these topics and planning together? If so, perhaps we can move away from the isolated islands of innovation and into systemic changes that help all students across the campus...and across the system.


Liz said...

It is all so amazingly FAST I think most are mainly reeling; just as our pronunciation teacher got her students up to speed with submitting their speech sounds via audacity onto angel, this week she reports the 3 of them did it with their iphones.
Working together will be so necessary - in spite of the challenge, we need to make efforts to do so. Thanks for the reminder!

Andy said...

We are planning to explore most of these topics in our studio learning FLC. In addition I would also like to explore some of the topics that will be presented in the new Horizon Report: