Friday, August 24, 2012

Shoreline Virtual College; Ann Garnsey-Harter

From the WCET blog:

This July, the Shoreline Virtual College, a comprehensive community college just north of Seattle, went from project to product, from ethereal to earthly, from dream to … well, you get the idea.
It is absolutely a work in progress, but it also has progressed to absolutely working.
Photo of students outside at Shoreline Community College
The Vision
Our effort had an inauspicious beginning. At a brown-bag, all-comers campus lunch on Aug. 26, 2010, our president, Lee Lambert, said, ““Technology can provide the platform to build a college within a college.” Then, using the analogy of a store that has a physical location to serve some customers, but can serve many more with an online store, he added: “What if we had a virtual store?”

So begins the the story of Shoreline Community College’s journey in moving their ‘virtual college’ from an idea to a reality. 

Ann Garnsey-Harter tells the Shoreline story... Read the full posting on the WCET blog.

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