Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Say This, NOT That to Your Professor

Ellen Bremmen, Highline Community College faculty, was recently quoted in this article from US News and World Report:
5 Guidelines for College Student-Professor Interactions

Students should avoid excuses that are the modern equivalent of ‘My dog ate my homework.’

September 17, 2012

"If students want to clarify what they missed after an absence, they can say—preferably in person and with notes in hand—'Professor, I was absent last Thursday. I saw on the schedule that you went over chapter 11. I read that chapter and worked on the assignment. I asked a classmate what else you covered that day, and I believe I have all the notes. Have I covered all my bases?" Bremen says.

Ellen says, "The reporter asked me for three of my best student-professor communication tips and he used them all, which was so exciting! I have been having some great national conversations around college readiness and communication, and employability, since my book came out over the past five months and the awareness of my The Chatty Professor blog increased on a wider scale.
Read Ellen's new book, Say This, NOT That to Your Professor.

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