Thursday, May 31, 2012

Progress: Prior Learning, Precollege, OCL

Summary of work that was done this year to meet requirements of HB 1795 and HB 1808 passed in 2011 and the efficiency study work.

HB 1795

· Washington 45 – list of courses that transfer to all public and most private BIs as general education requirements.  These will be posted on colleges' transfer web pages.

· List of courses that colleges offer that meet the distribution requirements of the Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA). These will be posted on colleges' transfer web pages.

· Credit for Prior Learning – we now have a single point of contact for each college, a tracking mechanism for coding, a reciprocity agreement for prior learning credit, and each college is working toward more transparency of credit for prior learning information available to students.  Details on assessing and awarding credit for prior learning are available on the statewide PLA work group wiki.

HB 1808

· List of Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) test scores and general education equivalent courses. 

· Running Start 1.2 FTE – Colleges have done an incredible job of implementing this change.

Efficiency Study

· Single student identification number has been completed.

· Single location for third party funding information related to financial aid is available.

· Common priority financial aid application deadline is completed.

· Multiple measures used to determine student placement. Colleges are moving forward at a different pace.

· Adoption of one or more evidence-based instructional models for pre-college education. Colleges are implementing models that meet needs of their students.

· Pre-college pathway mapping was completed for ABE/ESL and developmental education.

· Pre-college placement reciprocity was adopted and will be implemented after a work group outlines process details.

· Open Course Library- first series of courses are available. Second series of courses are in development.

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