Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Most Remarkable People on Social Media Today: Ellen Bremen, Highline Community College

By , Published April 18, 2012, posted on Business2Community
My own social media hall of fame, so to speak. I did not take into account the number of followers or the number of retweets, but selected my list purely based on how much these people changed my beliefs or motivated my actions. I believe we should highlight people who are doing remarkable work in the social universe and not only those who are just social celebrities. … Ellen Bremen is an award-winning educator at Highline Community College [near] Seattle, WA. She stops at nothing to help students strengthen their communication skills: peanut butter and jelly to illustrate problematic messages, pipe cleaners to teach communication models, and Post-It notes to reduce speaking anxiety. Ellen is always taking care that our kids will stay geniuses. I say “thank you Ellen” for making changes every day in one of the most difficult industries that exist in the world.

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